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Featured Products 

Weekly featured products are products we are highlighting.  You will see additional information and a special limited time price.  These week we are featuring 3 cheeses each very distinct and different in their age, taste, and texture.

Scroll Through the slider box and check out the Conimex items - stir fry sauces, Babi Pangdang, and spices for a green bean dish!

Dutch Vintage® - Aged Gouda

Serving Suggestion

The very best way to enjoy Dutch Vintage® is to serve it simply, as a stunning and memorable party appetizer. Cut it into small cubes and serve it with gherkins, pearled onions, mild pickled peppers and a variety of olives. Serve it with your favorite drinks.

Suggested pairing

Pairs well with versatile, medium-bodied, low-tannin red wines such as Montepulciano D’Abruzzi or an aged tawny or ruby port.

KoKos® - Coconut Cheese


This unique combination of chocolate, red wine and KoKos® Coconut Cheese is an outstanding combination we discovered and just had to share.

Suggested pairing

Cabernet, or a juicy Merlot.

Double Cream

Appetizer, Main Course or Dessert

  • Ideal is for making creamy cheese sauces.
  • Delicious in omelets, tortillas and melted on potatoes.
  • Melt some on a hot piece of apple pie for a special dessert!
  • Suggested pairing

    If making a sauce, consider serving with a well aged Bordeaux. If serving plain, as a cheese course, try an Australian or Washington Semillion.