How will my order ship?

Peters Gourmet Market Parcels are shipped FedEx Ground Home Delivery - Please specify if your shipping destination is a commercial address. Locations in AK, HI, PR and Post Office boxes will be shipped Priority Mail. USPS book rates apply. Additional charges levied will be passed on to customer. Please note that some smaller order will be shipped via USPS. 


When will my order ship?

Typically, your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days.   Factors that may affect this timing are:

1. Product protection - We may hold your order until the following Monday to prevent perishable product from remaining in route over a weekend.

2. Christmas Season (Mid October - December) - Though we make as many preparations as possible during the season, your order may take a day or two longer to arrive during this time of year.

3. Product Availability - If more than 20% of your order is out of stock, we may choose to hold the order until the required products arrive. If your order will be held for more than 7 days, we will contact you for possible substitutions.


How do I go about canceling or updating an order?

Please contact the Customer Service Department by phone at 1-800-826-6841. Have your Internet confirmation number ready.


How are my shipping costs calculated?

Shipping is a function of weight and distance.  Our new web store calculates shipping by the weight of the order.  As items are added to the cart, shipping weight increases and the shipping cost will change.  Please see the chart below for shipping costs by weight of order.

* Locations in AK, HI, PR and Post Office boxes usually are shipped Priority Mail.  Due to the shipping variables for these locations, Customers in AK, HI, & PR must manually place their orders (not on the webstie).  Orders can be emailed, faxed, or called in.  We will advise you of the actual shipping cost of your order once it has been entered and picked.

Next Day or 2nd Day Air shipping is an option.  We would need to prepare quotes for this type of shipping. Please call our customer service at 1-800-826-6841 or email for rates.  


0-5 LBS                   $ 9.95 
5-8 LBS                   $11.95 
8-12 LBS                 $13.95 
12-16 LBS               $14.95 
16-22 LBS               $16.95 
22-30 LBS               $18.95 
30-40 LBS               $21.95
40-50 LBS               $24.95 
50-60 LBS               $31.95 
60-70 LBS               $35.95 
70-80 LBS               $38.95 
80-90 LBS               $41.95 
90-100 LBS             $44.95