A fun way to earn points when you shop at Peters Gourmet Market’s web store or interact with us on Facebook. You will receive an invitation in your email when you place an order via our web store, or you can sign up today at www.perkville.com Be sure to use the same email address you used when you create an account at www.store.petersgourmetmarket.com

How it works

Perkville integrates directly with Peters Gourmet Market (http://store.petersgourmetmarket.com/ ) so each time you place an order you automatically earn points. Perkville sends an email the next morning inviting you to track your points online (to receive fewer emails, you can change your notification settings at www.perkville.com) Once you earn enough points you can redeem them for coupons off your next order. Please make sure the email you use to register on our site is the same as the one you use for setting up your account on Perkville. 
Perkville is a trusted partner of Peters Gourmet Market. Perkville will never share or use your information.

How can I Earn Points

  •     Refer a friend - 200 points (see instructions below)
  •     Have a birthday - 100 points
  •     Join our rewards program – 50 points
  •     Facebook Check in – 10 points
  •     One Point for every dollar spent on our web store.

What Perks Can I Redeem with my Points

  •     300 points - $5 credit
  •     500 points - $10 credit
  •     700 points - $15 credit
  •     800 points - $20 credit
  •     900 points - $25 credit

How Do I Redeem My Perks

Log into your Perkville account to see your points. When you earn enough points for one of the perks listed. When you have picked your perk you will receive a voucher with a Coupon Code. Use that code when checking out at our web store by typing the code in our Discount Code box at the check-out screen.

How Do I Earn Points For Referring A Friend

You’ll need to sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral email. When they come in for their first class, we’ll ask them for their email address. If the address they give us matches the address you entered into your Perkville account, you’ll automatically earn points for referring them when they make their first purchase.

How Do I Earn Points For Posting On Twitter

After you earns points in one of the ways listed above, Perkville will prompt you to earn additional points by posting about your experience to Twitter. When you receive your first prompt via email, follow the instructions to connect your Perkville account to your Twitter account and post away!

When does it begin?

The program is active now and you earn points with every order so please join as soon as your receive your invitation.  If you haven't received an invitation email check your spam filter or go directly to Perkville to create an account.  Just use the same email you use at our web site.