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New products now available

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Matthijs Large Salty Diamonds  Kilo Bag 2.2 lb
Large Salty diamonds also know as Giga Snippers by Matthijs.
Key Chain  Holland Tulips Orange
Heavy metal key chain Tulips Holland Orange
Matthijs Salmiak Bars (Repen) Kilo 2.2 lbs
Chewy Brown Salmiak Repen - bars by Matthijs in 2.2 lb bag
Red Band Dropfruit Zombie  Smiles 100 ct
Red Band
Licorice and wine gum combination - Dropfruit Smiles 100 per container
Douwe Egberts Espresso Instant coffee sticks 25 count
Douwe Egberts
Strong and intense - 25 individual instant coffee sticks from Douwe Egberts Holland
A Peters Gourmet Market Catalog 2022-2023
Would you like a copy of our catalog? Please add this item to your order and we will include it with your shipment.
Gwoon Salty Licorice Mix 14.1 Oz
Assorted licorice shapes imported from the Netherlands
Stroopwafel Tin Holland Teal Embossed Tulips with 8 stroopwafels
Beautiful tulip tin with 8 Double Dutch Stroopwafels - great gift idea
Stroopwafel Tin Holland Pink Tulips with 8 stroopwafels
Pretty Pink tin with tulips filled with 8 Double Dutch Stroopwafels
Wilhelmina Vegan Wintergreen mints 3.5 oz box
Wilhelmina Wintergreen mints in a convenient pocket size box.
Imported from Holland
Kanis-Gunnink Extra Fine Filter Coffee 17.5 oz
Kanis Gunnink
Kanis & Gunnink Hotel quality extra fine ground coffee imported from Holland, ideal for pour over filtered coffee.
Stroopwafel Holland Vintage Tulips with 8 stroopwafels
Tulip design Stroopwafel tin with 8 stroopwafels
Van Gogh Almond Blossoms Stroopwafel Tin
Inspired by painting - "Almond Blossoms" pretty decorative tin with pack of 8 stroopwafels
Venco NL Licorice 14.9 Oz
Soft and Sweet licorice assortment
$4.99 $4.49
Venco Black & White Licorice 8.4 oz Bag
Zwart Witjes - hard shelled salty licorice drops
Klene Sugar Free Licorice Hearts 3.7 Oz bag
Sugarfree licorice hearts - made with licorice root extract - gelatine free
Boska  Cheese Board and Stainless Steel Knife Set (9.1 inch)
Every required for a perfect cheese board Gift. 9.1 inch Beach wood round board and 3 stainless steel cheese cutting knives for various cheeses.
Boska Stainless Steel Spreading Knife Set of 3
Set of 3 stainless cheese spread spreaders. Hollow handles make them lightweight and perfect for spreading cheese, butter, tapenade, or preserves.
Rembrandt Gouda 1 year old Cheese per lb
Rembrandt Gouda is an all natural aged cheese produced from the milk of grass fed cows in the traditional methods .
Sharp and delicious with a golden color.
VSOC Aged Gouda 1 year Black Label
Made in Huizen VSOC specializes in aged Gouda cheese aging the cheese on wood planks and hand turning the wheels until aged to perfection.

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