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A Peters Gourmet Market Catalog 2023 - 2024
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Artikaas Gouda Medium Aged 3-6 Months
Gouda Medium or Jong Belegen in Dutch. Aged about 3 months it is firm and tasty. Easy to slice or cube.
$10.00 $10.00
Aviateur Almond Filled Speculaas
Aviateur Almond Filled Speculaas are soft speculaas (spiced cookie ) on the outside with real almond paste on the inside. Made with real butter. Delicious and ready serve and share with friends.
You can freeze some for later
-Imported from Holland
Aviateur Almond Flavor Rounds 9.5 Oz Q
You can freeze me! Special buy 6 - pay $3.25 ea 12 - $3.00 each
Aviateur Almond Rounds are made with two layers of buttery, crumbly pastry with almond paste sandwiched between them with an almond sliver on top.
- Delicious almond flavored pastries 6 p
Aviateur Mini Almond Rounds 9 ct
9 mini Gevulde Koeken (almond rounds) smaller version of our very popular regular Almond Rounds
$3.99 $3.29
De Ruijter Dark Chocolate Sprinkles Hagelslag 14 Oz Q
De Ruijter
DeRuijter Puur Dark Chocoalte Sprinkles imported from Holland. A traditional Dutch treat enjoyed on your bread or Rusk. Great for decorating cakes & doughnuts.
De Ruijter Milk Choc Sprinkles Hagelslag  14 Oz Q
De Ruijter
DeRuijter Milk Chocoalte Sprinkles imported from Holland. A traditional Dutch treat enjoyed on your bread or Rusk. Use to decorating cakes & doughnuts. They may look like American jimmies, with a much stronger flavor as they are made from pure chocolate.
Double Dutch 100% Butter Stroopwafels 8 ct
Double Dutch
Double Dutch Stroopwafels are made in Canada by Schep's Bakery using a traditional Dutch recipe using many ingredients imported from Holland. The wafer is light and crisp with rich syrup filling in between.
- 8 per package
- Product of Canada
Double Dutch Mini Original Stroopwafels bag
Double Dutch
Traditional dutch stroop wafel mini bites, original caramel flavor. Perfect as a tasty snack, anytime!
Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Whole Bean Coffee 17.6 Oz. Q
Douwe Egberts
Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma coffee is one of the most popular in Europe. Aroma Rood is characterized as aromatic, smooth and rich with perfectly balanced flavor and acidity.
Droste Milk Pastilles 2.99 oz
Droste Milk Chocolate Pastilles are imported from Holland and are perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself.
- 17 pieces per box
Goudas Gilde Caramel Wafers 14 oz
Goudas Gilde
Ten extra big Stroopwafels made with the same recipe in Holland since 1864. Each cookies is 3 1/2 inches across.
- Product of Holland
Honig Pea Soup Mix
Honig Pea Soup, also called Erwtensoep, is a yummy soup filled with peas, potato, carrot and celery. Add your favorite fresh vegetables for a delicious pan of homemade soup.
$3.99 $3.79
Honig Tomato Soup Mix 3.2 oz
Dutch style tomato soup, filled with vegetables and spices. Super simple to prepare, delicious to enjoy!
$2.99 $2.29
JB Diesch Amsterdam Babbelaars Tin 300g Royal Palace
JB Diesch
Collector tin with 2 bags Diesch Dutch Babbelaars inside. Tins is 7 in long x 4 wide and 3 tall. Total 10 oz of Babbelaars.
$13.99 $6.99
Kanis-Gunnink Extra Fine Filter Coffee 17.5 oz (DATED 12/15/23)
Kanis Gunnink
Kanis & Gunnink Hotel quality extra fine ground coffee imported from Holland, ideal for pour over filtered coffee.
Katja Sweet & Salty Licorice Mix (Trouwe Rakkers) 9.8  Oz Bag
Soft mix of sweet and salty licorice with foam gummies. Licorice, anise, and toffee flavors
$4.99 $4.49
Kuhne  Silverskin Sweet & Sour Onions 11.64oz (dated
Pickled silver onions - choice grade and quality - sweet and sour. Imported from Germany
$4.29 $1.99
Lambertz Exquisite Assorted Cookie Tin 26.45oz
European Cookie Assortment deluxe tin with milk and dark chocolate cookies. Approx 92 cookies in a beautiful red tin.
$27.95 $17.95
Likkebaard Euromix Assorted Licorice 26 oz (750 gr) bag
Euromix - contains a mixture of Dutch licorice. Rockies, coins, rijksen, and others.
$12.95 $9.95
Matthijs Brussels Man Kilo Bag 2.2 lbs
2.2 lbs Brussels Manneke (Little Man from Brussels) is a soft and sweet licorice with refreshing anise flavor.
Commonly known as Mannenkepis.
$12.99 $11.99
Matthijs Giechels  2.2 Lbs bag
Bring a smile to the face of your licorice lover. Black licorice smile faces.
$12.99 $11.99
Matthijs Large Salty Diamonds  Kilo Bag 2.2 lb
Large Salty diamonds also know as Giga Snippers by Matthijs.
$13.99 $11.99
Matthijs Salmiak Bars (Repen) Kilo 2.2 lbs
Chewy Brown Salmiak Repen - bars by Matthijs in 2.2 lb bag
$13.99 $11.99

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