Van Delft

Van Delft

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Van Delft Cafe Noir 7 oz
Van Delft
Famous coffee icing on a plain biscuit imported from Holland
$2.49 $2.19
Van Delft Kruidnootjes 17.5 Oz Bag
Van Delft
Van Delft Kruidnootjes are a crunchy cookies made with spices. A traditional Dutch treat celebrating Sinterklaas Day on December 5th.
- Imported From Holland
- 17.5 oz Bag
Van Delft Kruidnootjes 7 oz bag
Van Delft
Small Crunchy Gingerbread Cookies. Prefect for your Sinterklaas celebration December 5th.
- Imported from Holland
Van Delft large Taai Taai Doll 6.4 oz
Van Delft
One large Taai Taai (pronounced Ty-Ty ) Doll cookie per package that is over 12 inches tall! These cookies are soft in the center and have a wonderful gingerbread taste.
- Imported from Holland
Van Delft Mini Gingerbread Shapes 17.5 Oz Taai Taai
Van Delft
Van Delft Mini Gingerbread are tiny Taai-Taai (pronounced Ty-Ty) chewy gingerbread cookies.
A fun Dutch tradition of filling up your children's shoes with these on Sinterklaas Day, December 5th is still celebrated today.
- Imported from Holland

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