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Dutch in  Wartime Witnessing The Holocaust Book 3
Witnessing the Holocaust consist of sixteen first hand accounts of how Dutch Jews were dragged from their homes to be murdered in Nazi death camps. Stories of friends disappearing, of betrayal and its dreadful consequences and of the torment of life in N
Dutch in Wartime Caught in The Crossfire Book 7
Book 7 of the The Dutch in Wartime series, Caught in the Crossfire covers the experiences of civilians living in the area where Allied paratroopers landed during Operation Market Garden. 100 pages of first hand memories.
Dutch in Wartime Invasion Book 1
The first book in The Dutch in Wartime series, Invasion covers the five days in May 1940 when an unsuspecting Dutch nation was brutally overrun by invading Nazi troops.
Dutch in Wartime Liberation Book 9
The ninth and last book in the series. Liberation contains memories of the final months of the ware liberation of the Netherlands. The Dutch are starving. As battles rage around them they desperately await relief from famine and tyranny. When Allied t
Dutch in Wartime Resisting Nazi Occupation Book 4
This book tells of ordinary citizens risk their freedom and ultimately their lives opposing the brutal regime of the occupying forces. Even in the most mundane activities, like heating the house or listening to the radio, the choice all Dutch citizens fa
Dutch in Wartime Tell Your Childern About Us Book 5
Book 5 of The Dutch in Wartime series, Tell your children about us, covers the years of 1943 and 1944, when the struggle to simply survive had become raw and harsh. Food, fuel and clothing were in very short supply.
Dutch in Wartime The Hunger Winter Book 8
The Hunger Winter is the eight book in the series and contains memories of the devastating winter of 1944-45 when a famine, intentional brought about by the German occupation forces, ravaged the Netherlands. 107 pages.
Dutch in Wartime Under Nazi Rule Book 2
Under Nazi Rule is about the hardships and fears of living through war and occupation. Every normal task becomes impossible, sometimes dangerous, chore.
Dutch in Wartime War in The Indies Book 6
Book 6 of The Dutch in Wartime series covers the occupation of the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia) by the Japanese and the wholesale incarceration of civilians of European and partial European descent in interment camps. Over 90 pages of first hand mem
Eet Smakelijk Cookbook
Over 500 pages of recipes for everything from appetizer to desserts. Great gift or for your own cook book library. Published by the Junior Welfare League of Holland Michigan.
Stuff Dutch People Like Book
Stuff Dutch People Like is a study of all things orange.
Stuff Dutch People Say
Stuff Dutch People Say delves deep into the linguistic world of the Lowlands, exploring what happens when Dutch and English collide.
Stuff Dutch You Know You're Dutch When - Book
Find out how Dutch you really are!207 pages of fun - new book from Colleen Geske

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